Nobel Prize

This piece I wrote in response to a prompt I gave my Goddesses retreat in Arles, France, June 2017. The prompt was, “Write your own Nobel prize reception speech.” Image credit: Proserpine, by Gabriel Rossetti   The poet speaks like ancient druids and fairies of turning sideways into the light. Makes no sense to the shareholder, the […]

Coupé-collé (d’après W. Burroughs)

J’adore proposer dans mes ateliers  d’écriture des exercices qui poussent un peu les limites du bon sens et de la logique. C’est en explorant cette limite qu’on accède, parfois, à l’indicible, l’impensé, bref: la poésie. Ce poème vient de là–une méthode qu’affectionnait William Burroughs. On prend deux textes, on les coupe en morceaux, et puis on […]

What I See When I Think of Next Year …

There are no trucks: only pigeons. No steam-spouting trains: only pigeons flirting with pigeons. No lawnmowers, no leaf-blowers, no grunting AC, no airplanes (they’ve been forbidden to fly over cities since the cataclysm of WW2’s ally bombings). Only pigeons flopping about the rooftops. On Thursday mornings there is a church bell—a real one with a […]