“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ~ Carl Sagan   Elle ne se rêve plus comme avant, sur la plage de Malibu, les falaises rosissantes, le double-lumière de Brad Pitt en marcel et un labarador jaune toujours content. Ces jours-ci, elle peint. Des peintures éphèmères, plus encore que la calligraphie chinoise au grand […]

Y croire

Elle était plus douée pour choisir ses amis que ses amants. Ces derniers, elle sélectionnait exclusivement, parmi les nomades—Gitans, Touaregs, Syriens, rescapés en tous genres. “T’es bien comme ta mère, toi, tu ne t’amouraches que de bras cassés,” lui disait son père. Elle crevait d’envie de lui faire remarquer que ça ne le flattait pas, […]

Sienna, August 15, 1873 (excerpt from my new novel in the making)

My Siren, How I wish to be other than this man I have built myself to be—Machiavellian and idealist, a policy-maker who challenges the law to show up for what it cannot possibly be, but what it must nevertheless be: a promise fulfilled. Aw, Siren, how I wish for poetry! I have misplaced my breath […]

The Origin of the World (excerpt from my forthcoming novel, Even the Breath)

The line in front of the Musée d’Orsay was long, but fast-moving. The Senegalese guard at the door paddled people through, whistling “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Prune grinned as he waved her through, and he grinned back. In an accent-less French he cried, “Ah ben voilà, enfin quelqu’un d’aussi heureux que moi!” meaning, Ah, finally […]

Kundalini Rouses (excerpt from my forthcoming novel, Even the Breath)

“There he is! Attila, you tramp, I can’t leave you alone, can I? One minute you’re with one girl … I barely turn my back, and there you are, curled up beside some stranger and groaning like a Swedish porn-movie star! Excuse my wolf, Ms. Did he use fang-persuasion to pressure you into petting him?” […]