The Body: Owner’s Manual

1- STOP WORRYING: It is very very very very solid. It has survived centuries, Roman armies, tornadoes, terrible presidents, Chick Filet’s, and innumerable orgasms in which it lost its mind, its skin, its nationality, maybe even a tooth or two.

2- REPLACE WORRY WITH CARE. If you don’t know the difference take all your clothes off, light a lavender candle, lie on a bed of clover in the early sun. Become aware of your skin not as boundary but as flower, mouth, hungry animal who eats berries off the ground and has never known shame.

3- LISTEN to the rhythm of your breath. Let it sync up with the bees and the breeze, the heat from the earth, the violins of all your loves. Bend your knees and place the naked sole of your feet on the ground. Kiss the earth with the sole of your feet. Kiss it like it is your mother. Kiss it like it has carried you in its womb and changed your diapers and sewed the most beautiful dress for your first dance, the one where you got to kiss the boy with lips like august peaches.

4- MOVE, move, move. Move your hips, your arms, your eyes. Move the parts and places that have no name, move the folds in your brain, become motion. Remember movement is possibility.

5- Find a mirror, a calm lake, or a shop window. LOOK INSIDE at your own surface. Tell it pretty things. Poetic things. Things you wanted the boy with the august peaches lips to say.


(photo art credit: Cecelia Weber)


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